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It’s time to get your learning on. Today we’re breaking down 19  of the best free courses for bloggers in 2018.

But first, can I be real with you for a minute? I’m a recovering freebie addict. Name any free course or challenge on blogging, Pinterest, email marketing, productivity, marketing or business in general and I’ve taken it.

Which means my inbox has kissed a lot of slimy toads looking for my freebie prince in disguise.

But heed my warning Don’t go freebie crazy, signing up for all 19 free courses at once –  Or you’ll get ultra-overwhelmed & implement nothing which is a total waste of your valuable time.

Instead of click here to pin this post your “must read” or blogging Pinterest board.

Next take a good hard look at your goals for the next two weeks, –  then sign-up only for the free courses that helps you reach your immediate goal faster. No more just in case learning & info hoarding, cool?

This post of the best free courses for bloggers is broken down into 4 sections:

  1. Basic Free Courses (Legal Stuff, Get Started Blogging, Mindset, Productivity Etc)
  2. Free Courses For Growing Your Email List
  3. Free Courses For Growing Your Traffic & Social Media Following
  4. Free Courses For Making More Money Blogging

But before you go on a totally content diet pop open a couple of other tabs for the other posts in the free 7 Days Of Freebies Series:

The 19 Best Free Courses For Bloggers To Take If They Want More Money, Social Media Followers, Traffics and Email Subscribers. #freebloggingcourses

The Best Free Courses for Bloggers – The Basics

1.[Legal Stuff] Legalize Your Blog by Jackie From Jade & Oak

This should be mandatory a free course for all bloggers. Jackie (a US attorney & blogger) packs so much crucial & useful information in this free course – I kind of feel bad not paying for.

Jackie breaks everything down in plain english including:

  • Why you should even care about the legal side of blogging
  • How to protect your content from the internet thieves
  • Why your blog giveaway might be illegal (eep!)
  • How to protect your readers’ privacy
  • Ways to save money on taxes… and more!

More of a freelancer, coach or online business owner then blogger? – Jackie has a free course just you too! Covering contracts, the difference between LLC and sole proprietorships and more. 


After just 4 days together with me you’ll

  • Pick a money making niche you’ll love while making all your competition irrelevant. Yes, even if you’re an uber multi-passionate creative who can’t pick just one thing or you have NO clue what you could every blog about in a million years by the end of this you’ll have blog I swear
  • Start earning some dough thanks to my 80 concrete ways to earn money blogging download and mapping your moolah lesson, where I’ll let you on 5 best ways to make money blogging and one you should never do as a beginner
  • Have a pretty functioning website thanks to 15+ bite size tech tutorials showing you everything from how to set up your menu, install wordpress, add google analytics, create an official email for your blog and sooooo soo much more.(I could easily charge at least $49 for this module alone)
  • Get your blog noticed and traffic rolling in thanks to my go-to beginner friendly free traffic strategies & hacks


3. [Branding & Design] The 4 Week Brand Challenge for Creating A One Of A Kind Brand  by Lauren of Elle & Company

Lauren covers everything from finding your blog’s style, choosing colors, fonts, and graphics to create a stunning professional looking brand in this free course for bloggers. But Lauren goes deeper than just the surface level stuff. She really gets you thinking about your blog’s core values, what you stand for and your mission.


This is the perfect free course to take along with my blogging challenge course.


4.[Money Mindset] Relationship with Money by Marisa Peer (Hypnotherapist) 

If you’ve ever had a problem with money – you’re a shop-a-lic, you don’t charge enough, your bank account is always just barely scraping you need this free RTT audio course. 


I know this sounds totally crazy but less than 24 hours after listening to her money regression meditation & her re-wiring for wealth training (both free with this course) I had my biggest passive income sales day ever and I wasn’t even running a promotion or launching.


If you really struggle more with not feeling good enough, worthy & low esteem check out her free Self-Esteem course. I’m sure it’s just as good.


5.[Productivity for Bloggers] Master Time Management by Emily ( My Adaptable Career)

Never have I found a free productivity course so tailor-made for busy bloggers then Emily’s Master Time Management. Not only does she go over the 3 biggest productivity makes mistake bloggers make ( I was guilty of two of them) but somehow she banishes blogger overwhelm.  One of my favorite parts – her lessons are less than 10 minutes long because there’s nothing sillier to me than a long-winded course on time management


6.[Write Better] Snackable Free Writing Course by Henneke from Enchanting Marketing

Henneke is one of my writing heros. Seriously I can’t go to her site without opening a million tabs. She put her best writing tips into 16 ultra-short emails with easy-to-implement tips. So you can learn how to write seductive blog posts, that win you more raving fans and sales.


This free course is mandatory yall!


7.[Starting a Podcast] Free Podcast Course by John Lee Dumas of EOF

Best Free Courses For Bloggers To Get More Traffic in 2018

I debated putting this free course on here because if you’re brand-new blogger, I don’t even want thinking about launching a podcast for months – But if you’ve been blogging for a while or you’re more of a talker rather than a writer you need to sign up for this free 15 – Day Course.


This free course was so essential in launching my own podcast inbox besties I had to put in on here. For helping me choose what format I want, to how often to release and episodes to all the tools and tech I need, it was great. Plus he has a bonus lesson for how launch your podcast with the best chance of getting in the new and noteworthy.


The Best Free Courses For Bloggers – For Growing Your Email List


8.[Creating Opt-In Gifts] Freebies That Serve & Sell by Me

Best Free Courses For Bloggers To Get More Traffic in 2018

This short but powerful free audio course is my top performing freebie of all time. In just 10 minutes you’ll be on your way to create a freebie that readers not only love what one that actually helps build you blog’s bottom line.


9.[Grow Your List] The 30 Day List Building Challenge By Nathalie Lussier

Best Free Courses For Bloggers To Get More Traffic in 2018

This is OG of free list building courses and for good reason, Nathalie gives WAY more actionable info for free then you will find in many $197 courses. From showing you how to set up google analytics to find your most popular posts, to holding your hand through finding and pitching guest blog posts it’s amazing. And Nathalie is always updating it.

The Best Free Courses for Bloggers – Getting Traffic To Your Blog & Social Media

10.[FACEBOOK]  4 Day Facebook Makeover Workshop (Starts March 5, 2018!!!)

I love this free facebook course by Courtney Foster-Donahue. If you haven’t heard of this magical red head Courtney grew not one, not two for three multiple six-figure businesses and now one 7 figure business leveraging all the goodness Facebook has to offer. And I’m not just talking about ads. (Though she’s amazing at ads) In this free 4 day workshop series you’ll

✔️ Day 1: Press the big ol’ re-set button on your marketing strategy and show you how to optimize a few key areas on your page to help you play nice with the algorithms, stop killing your reach, and stop leaving money on the table.

✔️ Day 2: Learn how to turn followers into fans with my signature Waltz + Wed Technique. It’s how we put the “fun” in sales funnel, y’all.

✔️ Day 3: Learn you how to write compelling copy that captivates! Turn browsers into buyers with just your words. *No fancy writing skills needed

✔️ Day 4: It’s time to jump into ads! This is your chance to amplify your content and reach even more of the right people – no techie superpowers or six-figure budgets required. I can’t wait to show you how this can work for you, regardless of your type of business!

Click here to sign up for this free workshop series is still live! (It’s available until March 16! Then it won’t be back until MAY!)

11.[SEO] Keyword Strategy Mini Course – by Fuse of Getting Found with Fuse 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Google juice as I like to call it is a great way to get free traffic and build your authority on your blogging topic. While seo is more of long-term game Fuse has an amazing way of turning all that tech mumbo-gumbo into easy to follow tips, that help boost your ranks super quick.

12.[PR & Media Coverage] 10-day PR Challenge by Janet Murray

Ever wonder how those bloggers get those icons on their sites like featured on Fox, Huffington Post & O Magazine with Janet Murray UK PR experts shows you the “backdoor” to getting mentioned in articles for the new york times, marieclaire and more even if you’re just starting out by helping out reports with their stories. Let you don’t even have to write a thing.

I can’t say even about how much I love this free course!

13. [General Social Media] The Social Media Framework by Leslie of The Social Launch 

Best Free Courses For Bloggers To Get More Traffic in 2018

This is a perfect free course for bloggers who are just getting their feet wet in social media. Leslie helps you seamless go from overwhelmed & confused to an organized social media maven. Leslie breaks down

  • How to be more organized on social media
  • The best platform to use for your business & blog
  • What to post on social media?
  • How to develop your customer avatar so you know who you’re speaking to on social media – key for likes, shares and comments.

I really love 50 creative social media post ideas handout she gives out.

14.[Pinterest]  The PINTEREST POWER 5 Day Free Course By Summer Tannhauser 

Don’t waste your time any other free Pinterest Course is this the only one you’ll ever need ever. Pinterest marketing specialists and blogging wizard Summer lets you steal her exact step-by-step plan, that turned Pinterest into her most powerful traffic generating, email list building, and sales producing a system for her business.

This course is an amazing mix of videos, short emails and valuable handouts. Even if you only implement half the stuff Summer tells you to do in this free course you’ll see your followers and repins shoot up.

15.[Instagram] Instagram Authority By Alex Tooby

Best Free Courses For Bloggers To Get More Traffic in 2018

Alex grew her Instagram following to over 360k in just one year. (Say what!) and she’s letting you in on all her juicy secrets in like:

  • How to create strategic Instagram content,
  • How to find & use the best hashtags
  • How to promote your products and services without feeling sales-y

In her wicky popular free Instagram course,

[Twitter] Honestly I couldn’t find one. 

There used to be a great one from Mom Resources but she took it down so we’ll SOL. If you know a great free Twitter Course let me know in the comments

Best Free Courses For Bloggers To Make More Money

16.[Copywriting] Like Cookies and Puppies: Free irresistible Copywriting Training By Amy Harrison

Best Free Courses For Bloggers To Get More Traffic in 2018

This is the best free copywriting course ever! Seriously if you ever want to sell anything online like ebooks, courses and coaching you need enroll in this free course.

You’ll get access to over 70 minutes of free video training (plus a handout) to help you:

  1. Know how to capture your reader’s attention within the first 2 lines
  2. Create a burning desire for your offer (and show that YOU are the go-to person in your industry)
  3. Build rock-solid trust by saying what your competitors are too afraid to
  4. Use the right language to attract the customers you love
  5. Use vivid, visually evocative selling points to drive home your value

I brought Amy’s paid course a couple of years ago, and it more than paid for itself over and over again.

17.[Webinars] Webinar Blueprint by Webinar Ninja

I was a little nervous about signing up for a free  7 day webinar course hosted by a company that sells webinar software but I was really surprised how much great info they gave out for free that wasn’t depended on you becoming their customers.

From tips to being more confident on camera, to what to include in your webinar presentation to what to send people after the webinar. They cover alot for free.

18.[Freelance Writer] Get Paid To Write Online 6 Day Course by Elna Cain

You might know Elna from her popular mommy blog but did you know she’s also a successful freelance writer? Getting paid well over $1,000 for a single blog post.

Elna dives deep, real deep in this I can’t believe it’s still free course. She tells you

  • How to turn your hobby and passion into making money as a writer
  • The easiest ways to create writing samples when you don’t have any
  • The best places to find freelance writing jobs
  • Her number one quickest way to landing multiple writing gigs

19.  [Affiliate Marketing] Affiliate Marketing 101 by Oh She Blogs

Over 6 days Lisa dishes out her best-kept affiliate marketing secrets include a huge list of affiliate program perfect for bloggers in like every single niche in this free course.  Affiliate marketing is when a reader purchases an item those a special referral link you get from the company. For example, if you invest in Siteground for your hosting or Divi for your WordPress after clicking one of those links, I might receive a commission.

There you have folk 19 of the Best Free Courses For Bloggers

Whether your goal for 2018 is getting in glossy magazines. mastering Pinterest or finally launching your blog these a quality free courses that can get you there.

Did you one of your favorites from 2017 make the list? Or was it skipped? Let me know in the comments below; then Pin this post to your favorite Pinterest Group Board.

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