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They Hate Getting BAD Emails.

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Let’s talk about the one app that is the endless stream of content ideas.

The coolest part?

I bet you’ve been using this app on a daily basis and didn’t even realize it was your BEST place to get content ideas for blog posts, Instagram and even email ideas that people love to read. 

Which means more comments, replies, likes, shares & even sales

(This blog was inspired by the “One app to create endless content ideas of my podcast Do The Brave Thing Online Business podcast.  Click here to listen on Apple Podcast | Spotify ) 

I’m going to let you know right now it is not:

The tool that is going to give you the most engaging content that you can ever think of, and is honestly the place that you should always go to first when you’re like, “What the crap am I going to blog about, Reel about, TikTok about, podcast about?” 

It’s your Google calendar. 

Yeah, your Google calendar. 

You see, even if you are not in the business to business space and you’re in business to consumer space, chances are the appointments, the schedules, the to-do list that you have, are very, very, very, very much going to be mirroring those of your ideal client. 

So when you’re stumped for what to talk about go look at your google calendar. 

What did you do today?

What things to have coming up this week?

What about last week?


Examples for turning your Google Calendar into an endless stream of content ideas:

Did you have a staff meeting this week? 

You could talk about:

  • Structure your staff meetings
  •  The three biggest mistakes that people make when having staff meetings
  •  Your process for delegating tasks
  •  How you give difficult feedback to your VA & if that’s something you’ve struggled with
  • What to do when someone on your team misses a deadline
  • How to figure out how long to give someone to do a task
  •  How you found or hired your VA
  •  The systems and tools that you use to manage your team
  •  The different members of your team and what all of them do
  •  Create a post about something you talked about (ie handling refund requests.


Are you working on creating (or updating) a course next week?

You could talk about: 

  • How you structure your course
  •  The tools you use to create record edit and sell your course
  •  How you figured out the topic for your course
  •  How to price your course
  • How to come up with bonuses that people actually use
  •  How to get over the Imposter syndrome of charging money for things that you know
  • The biggest mistakes you’ve made in the past when creating courses
  • You could create content around the topic of the course itself say five things you didn’t know you could do with Trello when you’re updating Trello Magic
  •  How you’re adding certain elements so students get through your course faster
  •  What people should think about before they invest in a course versus coaching
  •  How long course video should be 
  • How to name your course
  • How to find students for your course


Did your kids go to the dentist this week? 

You could create content around: 

  • Tips for getting over being afraid of the dentist
  •  How to get your kids to brush and floss when they hate it
  •  What to do when you as a parent are scared of something but don’t want your kids to know
  • How to plan your family’s medical appointments so you never forget when they are
  •  Where to find the best dental insurance
  •  Is fluoride a good idea or a bad idea?
  •   the top five things to ask your kids dentist at their next appointment
  •  Is calcium really good for strong teeth 
  • How to get work done or make sells while you’re waiting for your kids at the dentist
  • The best way to plan out an “errands day” so save X hours a week on chores
  • The best things you can do while your kids are at the dentist
  • The best IG  filters for brighter teeth that don’t look fake 


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See the Google Calendar Trick in Person:

I usually do this exact trick when I could not figure out what to create a reel on (especially when I was posting a reel every single day for 30 days. – Click here to see the results of that.)

For this reel – I shared how I was doing the “toggl challenge” AKA time tracking to figure out why it felt like I was getting nothing done all day.

Of course you could always talk about how you use your Google calendar to plan out your days or weeks – if you have themed days use something like calendar blocking or spark some ideas on productivity because we could all use a lot more time.

So what was on your Google calendar this week?

Let me know one thing that you had in your Google Calendar & five different content ideas from it below.


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