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Need  more email subscribers for business and blog? Even though you’ve tried alot of list building strategies?

  • ___ Create [cp_modal id=”cp_id_307c8″]a freebie [/cp_modal] your audience would love —Done
  • ___ Create a landing page so more people put in their email address and don’t get distracted—-Done
  • ___ Post about my lead magnet (freebie) on Facebook and Instagram — Done
  • ___ Create 5-6 pins about my freebie —- Done
  • ___ Installed a pop up —Done but not so happy
  • ___ Guest postedDone 

Now if you’re done all those things to build your email list — Congrats! You’ve mastered the list building basics.  But if you really want to grow your list at lightening speed you’ll kick up notch with these…

  6 Advanced List Building Strategies For Bloggers & Solopreneurs

Need to grow your email list but can't get any new email subscribers? Use this Advanced List Building Strategies to grow your email list super fast. #listbuidling #emaillists


1. Advanced List Building Strategy – Reward People For Sharing



Look for more free word of mouth marketing & social proof? (Who isn’t?). But just asking subscribers to tag a friend or share your freebie on Facebook isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Nope. If you want the share, you’re going to need to make it worth their wild by offering them an exclusive free gift for telling their friends about you.

Services like GoViral (free) and Upviral (paid) make it super nice easy for you to shower new (and current) subscribers with extra goodies for sharing out about your stuff.

Upviral will only release prizes if subscribers get other people to sign up for your freebie (hint the extra cost.) While GoViral will release your extra free gift after someone shares your landing page on social regardless if you get a new sign-up.

Instead offer subscribers a free bonus of content they can only get if they share out about your freebie.  You can use a free service like Goviral which rewards  people merely for sharing, or a paid service like Upviral who will only release your bonuses after a certain number of people sign up for your freebie under subscribers’ personalized links.


#2 Advanced List Building Strategy – Use “click triggers” instead of regular optin boxes

A Click Trigger is  when somebody clicks on a picture, [cp_modal id=”cp_id_86f79″]text link[/cp_modal]

or button on your blog  and a little opt-in form pops up. Like this…

[cp_modal id=”cp_id_86f79″][/cp_modal]

These work way better than just having a plan old optin form embedded in your blog post and landing pages.

If you’re on WordPress you can use an amazing $24 plug-in called Convert plus to do this for you.   Convert Plus also let you have add slide up popups, regular popups, hello bars exit and much more to grow your.  If your using something like Squarespace or Wix then you’re going to have to invest in something more costly likely Lead Pages to get the same effect

#3. Advanced List Building Strategy – Host a Virtual Summit

A Virtual Summit is when you interview a bunch of experts in your field and have them promote this online event to of their audience.  It’s a big undertaking but the person who runs the summit get all the subscribers email address and can actually sell the replay it’s on the back end to make money. It might take you about three months or so to pull everything together it


#4. Advanced List Building Strategy – Create a Quiz


Everyone loves taking quizzes but if you “cash in on the hype” to grow your list you are going to need to create additional freebies based what whatever final answers people get.  With Thrive Quizzes (a one-time payment wordpress plug in)  you can choose to reveals people’s answer before or after getting their email address. It also allows you to easily segment and add people to your list based on their answer. Interactive is another quiz maker but does require a monthly payment.

The Blog Focus Finder is a brilliant list building quiz created by Emily McGee of My Adaptable Career

#5. Advanced List Building Strategy – Host A List Building Giveaway

This could either be one where you raffle off prizes to 1 winner  like Lanie of Mrs. #GSD did with Kingsumo or you could run a giveaway that’s more like a freebie mall like Coaches toolkit giveaway run by Maria Saracen. Where new subscribers request the password to get into the freebie mall from the host.  Then people can pick and choose which free gifts they want to sign up for by directly opting in to the gift-givers list.

#6. Advanced List Building Strategy – Sponsor A Podcast

Reach out to podcast owner and offer them a ll fee to have your freebie be a sponsor of the show for a set amount of episodes.  Make sure you create a written agreement, trackable links, an easy to say url and quality ad for your sponsorship.  You might want to ask podcast offer for proof of download number before signing a deal.

Here you have it 6 Advanced List Building Strategies to help you grow your email list..but that’s not all –  I’ve got 12 MORE Advanced List Building Strategies + Plus 2 years worth of weekly newsletter ideas when you click the image below.

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