Email Marketing Freaking You Out?

Then you’re in the right place homeslice.

That is if you’re looking for dangerously practical advice for internet randos into subscribers with benefits.  You know the kind that throws fists full of cash you – for your courses, and ebooks –  not that other stuff (prev). 

Kate Doster, here the host of the Inbox Besties Podcast &  creator of the Love Your List™ Email Marketing Course.

Wild guess you, clicked over to learn more about me but you’ve got subscribers to wow and content to write so I’ll give you the cliff notes version of my backstory before showing you with freebies and value soaked premium resources.  If you’re looking to book me for your podcast or summit click here instead homie.

Kate Doster in 8 bullet points


  • Been making money online since the Netscape  and Geocities days
  • Got fired from her “normal” job for giving birth which was 100% legal at the time….oh 2012
  • Started a very successful freelance copywriting business (I got paid buku bucks for making people slap buttons on the interwebs).
  • Retired my husband to stay home with our two cutie pants daughters. 
  • Retired from copywriting to create courses, ebooks and coaching packages about all email marketing, copywriting, tech and online businesses.
  • She’s impressed you read down this far.
  • She built this site herself using Siteground (hosting)Divi builder (theme) &  Stock photos from Ivory Mix 
  • She recorded the intro for her cult-hit podcast – Inbox Besties by herself.

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