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Helping You Turn Internet Randos into Subscribers addicted to Throwing Fistfuls of Cash at You on Repeat (Without being a dirty rotten spammer face)

Join the 1000's of other online biz owners + bloggers sending weekly newsletters subscribers are feverishly refreshing their inboxes for - thanks to my free guide packed with over two years worth of toe-curling email ideas. Click the button below

[89] What to Send Your List When You’re Taking Some Time Off

by | Copywriting, Email Marketing, Inbox Besties, Posts, Running a business

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Have you ever wondered what to send your email list while you’re on vacation?  

One of my Love Your List students, Janet has been a diligent and determined Love Your List student.  She’s expanded her business to the point that she now has the freedom to take a two-month European vacation!  #lifegoals

In the meantime, she values her connection with her list so much that she knows she wants to continue the conversation … even while she’s on vacation.  The caveat is that she is challenging herself to NOT bring her laptop with her while she’s taking time off.  Janet wants to feel calm and centered while knowing her her tribe is taken care of while she is taking in the sights. 

What to send your email list when you want to take time off. Don't want to leave your email list in the dark because you want to step away from blogging for a while? Here's how to go vacation on your blog without ditching your email list.

If you find yourself facing the same challenge of “How do I set up my emails to continue to connect & nurture my list while I’m on vacation… even if I’m not emailing them in real time?”…

Step 1:  You need to ask yourself is… “Do you want to set this up as an automation?”

Meaning… Is this a welcome series or a “summer time funnel” that automatically sends your prepared emails every Tuesday or do you actually want to send them in real time… in which case someone who signs up on a Thursday will never see the email you scheduled to go out on that Tuesday?

So first thing is to decide HOW you want to do it.

If you DO have it set to automation, make sure to segment your audience so that they don’t get a “hey I’m back!” email before the automation has run its course.



Step 2: You need to figure out what’s your goal for when you’re gone and more importantly . when you come back. … 

For Janet, her goal was to make sure her list stayed warm since she is launching her group coaching program this fall.  Janet wants to keep her list engaged and active and let them know she is taking care of them even though she may not be in front of her computer.  

If this is you, you want to focus on your offer and what your audience needs to know & learn to keep them excited.  

Let’s hit pause for a sec… If you don’t have an offer yet, next week on Inbox Besties,  I’ll be be giving you a piece of one of my paid courses, Ditch the Ish: Propel Your List and Get RIch…It’s one of my favorite programs I’ve ever created.

 I share all of my best secrets when it comes to paid offers and sales pages. It’s all audio with some worksheets to help you implement the training and is 12 days worth of kick-butt tough love training to help you get sales without going bald from tearing your hair out.  

On Day 4 of Ditch the Ish, we talk about how to create an offer that sells itself. So you’ll def want to tune in next week for Inbox Besties next week.  Okay.. back to the blog post… 

I hear ya… “Ok, Kate.. that sounds great but I don’t have an offer yet… what do I do?”  I’ve got you covered.

Ask yourself, “What’s usually going on in July (or whatever month you decide to travel the globe in)?”  Spend 4 minutes on a Google search to find any holidays happening on your down time.

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Step 3: Break down how many email you’ll actually need to write

Once you figure out exactly how many emails you’ll need it’s honestly not that intimating it down to how many emails you actually need to send out during this time period, it’s not THAT intimidating.. You probably only need to create two or three emails…  It’s not like you have to bash some complicated psychological trigger. You only need to connect with your audience a few times while you’re happily away from your desk on some well-deserved vacation time, right?


Step 4: Create a theme for your emails

This  makes figuring out what to send your list soooo much easier. 

You could go with  seasonal say 4th July if you’re sending weekly broadcast emails..

Email #1 – 3 Cookout Must Haves For the 4th Of July

Email # 2 – What your kids need to know about the 4th of July

Email #3 – 5 things to buy on discount after the 4th Of July

Email #4 – What to do with all the red, white and blue stuff you have laying around


But here’s the thing… you don’t have to tell people you created a “theme”.  You can just know what you want to talk about…take Janet for example – she teaches people how to build businesses after dark. 

She could make August “Mindset” month and send emails like:

Email #1 – “What to do if your husband doesn’t believe in your dream?”

Email #2 – How to use social media when your co-workers might find out about your business

Email #3 – My first client fired me (addressing the “what if I don’t get people results.”) 

Email #4 – Why pricing your worth is stupid. 


 Bonus step: Up-cycle Your Old Content


Why start from scratch when I’m sure you have a blog full of amazing tips, tricks and content just begging to be reshown to your audience. Even if someone has read it before chances are they haven’t implemented everything. 

Just keep in mind your ideal client’s “yea, buts” and address those concerns in your scheduled emails.


So keep in mind:

  • Your client as a whole
  • The season as a whole  
  • What’s the big picture
  • And most importantly.. What is your goal??

To be completely transparent, when I’m struggling when it comes to what to send my list or what to post on social media, if I don’t know what my goal is – when I don’t know what I want to lead people to – that’s when I run out of ideas, even though I have a whole Trello board full of them.  

Nothing makes any sense if I don’t have a clear goal in mind.

Make sure to tune in to next week’s Inbox Bestie’s podcast.  I’ll be sharing about Day 4 of Ditch the Ish: Propel Your List & Get Rich where we talk all about how to create offers that practically sell themselves and how to tell that little voice that goes, “Who am I to teach about this?” … (you know that voice) .. You’ll hear what I have to say about that next week…

Later days!

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