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Don’t worry just because you’re reading an article called “A Slacker’s Guide To Planning 2019″…doesn’t mean you’re a slacker…

…. it means you’re smart.  It means you’ll probably get more done the 99.999% of the people out there….how?

Because slackers embrace simple.  And simple gets things done . And done = results.

But before diving in to planning your 2019 be sure to take some time to reflect on 2018.  In episode 56 of my podcast Inbox Besties we go over the major categories you should look at…

  •  Your & business/blog core benefits
  • Systems, processes & pitfalls
  • Mindset blocks
  • Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Revenue
  • Branding / Messaging

Because we don’t want to build on shaky ground.

So here’s my slackers guide to planning for 2019

Make planning 2019 goals and hitting them wicked easy with this slacker's guide to making 2019 your best year ever. You don't need SMART goals, you just need to listen to your gut. #2019 #Goalsetting #productivtyforbloggers

Step 1: Ask yourself ” Am I making money (or planning to make money) in a way that feels right to me? “

What would I do If I have no fear around spending money, making money, getting rejected or “bugging people”?

You see, too many online biz owners & bloggers try to shoehorn themselves in their biz crush’s business model.

  • Amy Porterfield peeps dream of selling high priced courses with automated webinars totally hands off
  • Katrina Ruth folks crave creating new live offers every five minutes
  • Michelle Schroeder-Gardner (of Making Sense of Cents) groupies are all about that affiliate marketing life

While there’s nothing wrong with trying on your faves money generating plans there IS A problem if it’s making you miserable.

If you love coaching small groups of women live & just letting the content come through you…do that

If you love designing logos….then keep selling them.

If you HATE writing then don’t try to build an Amazon bestseller library.

Do you action taker.

Step 2: Ask yourself if everything went “RIGHT” this year (2019) what would it look like?

This question was inspired by Paul Jarvis. Every time he thinks of working with a  new partner on new project, both he & his partner separately  writes down what it would look like to them if the project was a smash hit.

If Paul wants the project to generate $5000 a month with no extra staff and the other person want to turn it into a media powerhouse with a staff of 200 – they go their separate ways.

Just by answering this single question you relieve 4 major things (and slackers are all about doing more with less)…

1. Really forces you think – is the way I want to make money REALLY aligned with the lifestyle I want.

For example when I was still taking on copywriting clients – if that revenue model went “right” every week I’d be pumping out About Pages for $1000 a pop with a wait list a mile long.

I hate writing about pages  (I’m a email funnel girl) & having jumbo size wait list would give me major anxiety. I’d never want to take a day off. In short – I’d be miserable. And you know the saying miserable mama miserable EVERYONE.

2. Unearths negative beliefs & mindset blocks

Say you want to create a 7 figure course business. If everything went right & you had a million dollar launch you might worry that:

  • Everyone would ask for a refund
  • Your course would stink and no one would get any results
  • Your husband would feel so insecurity about the all the money you made he’d divorce or cheat on  you
  • You’d lose all the money some how or never make another sales again in your life
  • More money = more problem
  • You’d never get a day off ever!

Those are all negative stories you’ve got to work through.

3. Shines a light on the habits & mindset you need to adopt

Sticking with 7-figure course dream – How would a 7-figure course creator act? What would she believe in? What would she do on daily, weekly & monthly basis?

Start acting & thinking like that today.

4. Gives you goals to shot for & projects to plan for. 

Say you were a health coach with a fitness & lifestyle blog if you answered the question –  If everything went right in 2019 I’d….

  • 50,000 views or more per day on my site
  • Big brands would beg me to do collaborations
  • Get a feature on Mind, Body Green & be interview in Yoga Journal
  • Host a sold out retreat in Spain that was soo popular I had to add a host a second one 6 months later
  • Got asked to go on the Today show
  • Had 10 high level clients who were happy to pay $10,000 for a my 3 month coaching package who got killer results.

And the list goes on and on… in the next step we’ll plot a couple things you do to make those dreams happen.

Step 3: Create high level action plan (using the freebie below) to calm your monkey brain. 

Okay, this where it get pretty woo-woo. I don’t want you to focus on the “How” focus on the “What & Why”instead.

So instead of   “How do I get on the Today Show?” it’s “What would help me get on the Today show? Why do I even want to be on it?””

“How” sounds desperate, obsessed & thirty (like the kids say ) but “What” that gets the creative juices flowing. And that’s where to magic happens. 

And to capture that magic so you don’t worry about forgetting anything…use this free gift (no opt-in required)  10,000 FT View View Trello Board from my wildly popular course – Trello-ing For traffic. 



You got this homeslice.

So what are your big plans for 2019? Let me know in the comments  below.

And if you’re worried you won’t follow through or lose steam by January 21 because of #life? I’ve got something for that coming soon. (Spoiler alert it’s not a course.)

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