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Welcome back homeslice. Today we’re counting down my top 6 podcasts every blogger must listen to. Podcasts (online radio shows) are perfect for busy bloggers and time-strap business owners because you can learn on the go. My favorite part about podcasts is listening in 1.5x & 2x speed. Because this New England girl has no time for slow talkers. None. 

If you’ve got an iPhone awesome – you’re ready to go. Just hit the purple “Podcast” button and search for the shows below.

If you’re on Android you’re going to need to download Stitcher app (it’s free).

While you can listen to podcasts directly on people’s websites, I find listening is a player on my cell phone is  more convenient. It’s portable and I don’t have to go hunting down new episodes from my favorite podcaster because my podcast app automatically downloads new episodes when they’re available.

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The 6 Best Podcasts For Bloggers

The Janet Murray Show (Formerly The Soulful PR Podcast) (PR & Online Business & Marketing) 

Best Podcast For New Bloggers

Janet Murray has literally written the book on how to get media coverage for your blog and business. From how to write amazing guest post pitches,  to getting accepted at the Huffington Post and to how to turn all that new found attention into clients and cash.

But what I really love about this podcast Janet shares the behind the scenes of  how she’s done/ still doing  everything in her own business like:

  • [208] How to create sellout live events
  • [220] How to create a planner or journal for your industry
  • [194] How to get more engagement in your Facebook group

Inbox Besties Podcast with Kate Doster (hey that’s me) Email Marketing & Sales

Best Podcast For New Bloggers

I know it’s super cheesy to put your our podcast on the list, but I’m doing it anyway.  Inbox Besties is the only little guy approved podcast that gives you dangerously practical advice for turning internet rando into subscribers with benefits…you know the kind that through fist full of cash at you.

Being more of a talker then writer in 2017 I tried my hand at podcasting. I actually really loved it, but found it hard to keep up with blog posts too. But after being put on a top list of podcasts to listen to and my community saying how much they loved it I’m bring it back in 2018.

I’m fan favorites include

  • How to Get Your First 517 Subscribers
  • The Most Important Page On Your Site You’re Treating like – Ish
  • 4 Practical Ways To Make Money With Your Email List

Click here to listen on Itunes, Stitcher,  Google Play or Spotify

Simple Pin Podcast with Kate Ahl (Pinterest)

Don’t let the cheesy intro turn you off. This podcast is pure Pinterest Gold. Kate Ahl of Simple pin media (a Pinterest Marketing company) does a mix of interviews and solo episodes on this weekly podcast.  The binge rating on this podcast is pretty high since her solo shows are only about 20 minutes long.

Her monthly Pinterest Trends: What to Pin This Month are helpful (especially for lifestyle and mommy bloggers). But my favorite episode is definitely How to Pin Strategically on Pinterest. Which answers the question “I just hit publish on a new post, now what?”

    The Social Launch Podcast With Leslie Mcdermid (Social Media – All Major Platformers)

    Best Podcast For New Bloggers

    I can not say a enough about this hidden gem of podcast. Most marketing podcasts are 30-45 minutes and half of that is just fluff. Not with The Social Launch. In these bite-size weekly episodes (about 10 minutes long) Leslie tackles some of your most burning social media questions & current trends for all the major social media networks.

    For example just recently Facebook announced that they’re going to be penalizing certain types of Facebook Page Posts. That very same day Leslie came out an easy to understand 9 minutes episodes  covering everything you need to know in plain English.

    Definitely check out her 15 minute mini training on how to plan your social media for 2018

    Real Talk Podcast with Rachel Luna (Mindset, Coaching & Online Business)

    Best Podcast For New Bloggers

    Rachel is a sassy latina mindset & business coach who’s the first one to call you (and herself) out on any limiting benefits and BS.

    Some of my favorite shows recently are “How I grew my audience”,  “What to do when your plan of the day isn’t working out.” and “Do you have haven a reason are you making an excuse”

    I can’t lie, I love when Rachel says, “I’m about to go off, you’ll know me”. That means it’s about to go down. So prepare for a major AH-HA moment.

    Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast – Emily Hirsh

    This is the newest podcast on the list but it’s quickly becoming my favorite!

    Emily (who’s the head of million dollar Facebook Ad Agency) takes you behind the scenes of what she’s doing for clients right now to grow their reach, sales and email list with Facebook.  These bite size episodes (about 10-15 minute) are short, direct to the point and full of value.

    Personally, I would started listening from Episode 1 and binge listen to every episode.  What I love the most (besides getting behind the scenes info on Marie Forleo’s B-School launch) is how Emily, like me, believes marketing isn’t a one size fits all solution, You need to tweak, test things based on your audience and offer while relying on classic marketing principles.

    Other Podcasts You Might Like:

    I wanted to keep the list of a mandatory podcast you need to subscribe so small so it didn’t add more stuff to your already overflowing plate. But here are some of my other favorites that if you get a chance I to listen I think you’ll love it as well.

    Being boss by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson (General Business) <<< LOVE IT

    I was seriously thinking of putting this on the mandatory list because I love how every week this cool duo interviews creatives who are actually getting sh*t done and making a living from their art whether it’s writing, design,or an etsy shop. My favorite part is actually the Friday Minisodes where Kathleen and Emily tackle one question from their communities and answer it completely in just 10 minutes.

    The Art of Paid Traffic with Rick Mulready  (Facebook Marketing)

     If you ever plan on using any type of Facebook ads or Just want to grow your Facebook you need to be listening to the show. Seriously I’ve taken FB course  they talked about in their paid course was mentioned Rick’s podcast for free!

    The Lively Show with Jessica C Lively (Law of Attraction/Business/Metaphysical)

    What started off as a business podcast has more turn into an honest, raw approach at living in the law of attraction. What I love about Jess is she’s clearly a very logically person who stumbled into a very illogical world and she just kept exploring. What I love is she puts the science into all the woo-woo stuff.

    Scriptnotes with John August & Craig Mazin (Screenwriting)

    Scriptnotes is a show about screen writing and things that are interesting to writers. I vote everyone has at least one non-business podcast they listen to all the time. This one is mine. John August wrote movies like Big Fish & Go,  Craig Mazin wrote some of the Hangover movies & Identity Theft.

    There you have it 6 podcasts you should totally listen to and 5 that are totally worth it if you have time.

    Interest in starting your join? Here’s a free month of podcast hosting on me. 

    Did your favorite podcast make the cut? Let me know in the comments below. Then check out the blog posts in the 7 days of freebie series.


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