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5 Essentials blogging tools every new blogger must know about to great a sucessful blog people read click or save for later

Worried no one will see your next blog post it?  Frustrating right? Wanna “beef up” your blog posts so other bloggers and potential clients discover you? I got your back. Look…

Being a blogger is hard work. You have to come up with a blog post idea, a catchy blog title (this may be the only thing people see), find or create an interesting graphic, and write amazing content that offers readers value. Once you’re done writing your blog post, you have to share it through social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn) and send it to your email list . Let me help you make your job easier – here are 5 ways you can “beef up” your blog posts.

5 Tools For Creating The Ultimate Blog Post - Read it now or re-pin it for later


Evernote is a fantastic mobile app (desktop app available too!) to keep track of everything! Create notes, snap photos, add reminders, lists, and even audio clips. You can create various “notebooks” to stay organized. Evernote’s search feature is amazing and can even pick up text from images you’ve included in your notes. Plus, you can add tags. It is so simple to use and is everywhere you are.


Click to tweets –

Click to Tweet You’ve probably seen blog posts with a quote inside a box saying “click to tweet” making it easy for you to share out that blog post. Click to tweets are becoming very popular because they make it super easy to share out your blog post. If you’re using WordPress, download the “Better Click to Tweet” plugin and once you active it, you can easily start adding click to tweets to your blog posts.

Adobe Spark

The hottest, new mobile app (desktop version available) for creating your next graphic. Adobe Spark has several amazing features of which any blogger could take advantage. If you’re familiar with Canva, think Canva just better and available in a mobile app. What’s great about Adobe Spark is that you can create images while on the go right from your phone. The app pretty much walks you through creating an image. It allows you to choose where you plan on posting the image (Facebook, Blog post, Instagram) and creates the right image size. You can even search through the free stock photography that’s built in. Check it out and learn all of the other amazing things it offers! Watch “How to create videos with Adobe Spark” for more.



As a blogger we spend so much time writing and preparing our blog posts hoping someone will read it and leave a comment. Well, we know that these days it’s hard to get people to read with everything going on in the world and social media sucking our “free time.” Plus we know that people, on average, don’t spend more than a minute or two on a webpage. Yet, podcasts are so popular. Podcasts are easy to consume; you can tune in and just listen while you work, run errands, or hit the gym. So why not start adding the option for your readers to listen to your blog posts? Sign up for a free Soundcloud account and easily upload an audio file of you reading your blog post. Add in a little personality so your readers can actually get to know you. Think about it, we read, follow, and engage, but most of us don’t even know what the other person sounds like. That’s why live video is so popular (another story, another time).


Don’t forget about your email marketing. Everyone has heard of MailChimp which I used when I first started, but quickly switched to Mailerlite. I needed something I could just jump into and start working. Mailerlite provided that and has an easy to understand user interface. Email marketing is huge! As a blogger you know how important it is to not only have an email list but to continue to grow that email list. You have to stay engaged with your list and what better way to do that than to send them your latest blog post?


Bonus: Google Keyword Planner –

Start optimizing your blog posts to be found on Google. Go to https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner & follow these steps:

  • Click on create account
  • Click on skip guided tour
  • Fill out your email address and hit save & continue
  • Once inside Google Adwords head over to the Tools tab and click on Keyword Planner.
  • Type in your word or phrases under “Your product or service” in order to see what keywords you can use in your next blog post. You want to look for keywords that are low to medium for competition.

Inserting these keywords throughout your blog post from the title to the URL to the featured image and the copy will help your blog post be found on search engines like Google. Note: Don’t try to pack your blog post with only keywords – that won’t work.


That’s only the tip of the must have tools iceberg –  I’ve got 8 more apps I can’t run my successful online business without. Curious? Fill in the form below. Plus get free weekly updates with the latest tools and tip to make running your biz a breeze.     


What’s your favorite app for beefing up your blog post? Leave them in the comments below.

Born an entrepreneur, Ed Troxell is the guy that makes technology Stupid Easy™! Ed helps “offline” businesses  get online by providing the tips and tools needed to get the job done. Ed has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, a certificate in sales & marketing, and over 10 years experience working alongside and for small businesses. His work experiences encompasses everything from business coaching to social media education to building a website to showing you how to use your Apple devices (iPhones & apps). Besides offering one on one business coaching and designing websites, Ed also offers online training to help entrepreneurs. His most popular course is the Stupid Easy™ ways to kick off entrepreneurship

Ed Troxell

The guy that makes technology Stupid Easy™, Ed Troxell Creative

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