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 Having trouble with a sleepy list that does not open or respond to your emails? Jolt your list awake.  


Whether you email your subscribers consistently or not as much as you would like to, these 5 tips will easily show you how to jolt awake a sleepy list.

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Do you need to jolt your email list awake? With these 5 easy tips you can jolt some life back into your subscribers on your list and make sure they are awake. #email #inboxbesties #moresalesTip #1: Run a cold subscriber series

A cold subscriber is somebody who has not opened, clicked on or responded to an email in usually 30-90 days depending on your email service provider so just reach out to them.

So the very first thing you want to do to jolt awake a sleepy email list is run a cold subscriber series. 

Things like convert kit  will actually keep track of your cold subscribers, you just go into your actual email list and click cold subscribers it will show you.

If you run active campaign like I currently do you have to actually set up the system. It is two sets of automations. It’s super confusing but if you search for cold subscribers it will give the two you need to set up.

For everyone else you will have to contact your email service provider how they track that data.

Now with open rates (and we have talked about this in the past) particularly with mobile all email service providers have trouble judging open rates especially on an android. So chances are you could be having more people opening in your list. So do delete them after 30 or 60 days and give them a chance to say “Hey i really am interested in and enjoying your stuff”.

If you only use a single opt-in, having cold subscriber automations working in the background of your business is imperative.

Not quite sure what to say? In the Email Marketing Fairy you’ll get 3 words for word templates you can use to jolt cold subscribers awake without sounding like a d-bag. 

Tip #2: Go with a sexy topic

In everyone of our industries and niches there is always that really sexy topic that one thing that seems to light your audience’s fire. 

For myself it’s always list building and list building using a stipulation like if you have no time, no money, without spending money on ads etc. There are alot of what ifs and yeah buts that I can attach to that really sexy topic of list building and people just eat it up.

Make sure you actually are addressing it in the subject line so people know and want to open.

If you are new to this it may be harder to know your people but if you are doing content on the regular what podcast, YouTube, or blogpost etc. get the most hits make that the topic.

Tip #3: Practice of subject lines

jolt list awake

I say this time and time again the thing that is going to have the biggest factor on your emails getting opened is your name. So while you are trying to get to that status you are going to want to do some of our best practices when it comes to subject lines.

Something like including personalization which will have the person’s name in the subject line, the thing people like to hear most is their own name. There can be problems with this like people putting in the wrong name or email but with some providers like active campaign if it doesn’t have their first name you can put in a catchphrase. 

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Saying things like people’s names and where they are from really makes them proud and gives that endorphin rush.

There is also the “This”  principle where you say  “Open this if you need 10k subscribers” or “ Don’t do this if you want to make money online”. So with this you’re not telling them what it is you’re just teasing a little and driving up curiosity.

Make sure to look at a list of spam words or words that promotion stuff are not a fan of. 

The last thing every single email platform has is called A/B testing that mean come up with two subject lines and when you set up that test you can pick what portions of your list. So say you send twenty percent to one portion and twenty percent to another and the winning subject line goes to the other 60 percent.

 Tip #4: Look at segmenting

So segmenting is basically how you are grouping subscribers. This is something people overcomplicate and then give up on. 

Something to look at if you are just sending a general newsletter to everyone on your list consistently that’s great, keep doing that. Maybe though try sending a special newsletter just to people that opted in for a certain freebie or topic. 

This will show you what people are potentially interested in and what products to create in the future.

I need you guys to hit send, I need you guys to show up for your people and serve them and create awesome products for them to buy and get results.

When you are actually utilizing your segments properly you will see more engagement and people will truly like it. Which will lead to more click more opens and happier subscribers.


Tip #5: One sentence email

I love this email you literally just ask “How’s everything going with your blog, with your kids, your crafting” and so on. It’s really just how’s it going and that is an email that tends to get a lot of replies.

Even if it is only five responses, that’s five people that you can connect with and make them feel like they are that extra special person


Of course inorder to make these tips work. You’re going to need to have people on your list.

So be sure to checkout the my free course Freebies That Serve and Sell. To flood your email list with new subscribers who will beg for a buy button to hit.

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So to recap the 5 Tips to Jolt Your Email List Awake Are:

  • Run a cold subscriber series
  • Go with a sexy topic
  • Practice of subject lines
  • Look at segmenting
  • One sentence email


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