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Are you making any of the 4 biggest mistakes that could be holding you back from making money from your list?

Let’s talk about the 4 biggest mistakes you could be making and how to correct those 4 biggest mistakes and stop holding yourself back from making money from your email list #emailmarketing #inboxbesties #moresales


So let’s talk about the 4 biggest mistakes you could be making right now that’s holding your people back from popping open their wallets and throwing fists full of cash at you from their inboxes





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Mistake #1: Waiting For A Magic Number

4 biggest mistakes

The biggest and most common mistake I see people do is wait for some “Magic Number” before they try to sell to their list.

Waiting for that magic number is the worst possible thing you could do, I know people that say “I can’t sell to my list until I have a 1000” or “I need 10,000 before I can make any money” and that is just not true.

All they end up doing is adding all this weight to what is essentially a vanity metric. Your people don’t know if they are one out of a hundred or one out of ten thousand. So when you treat them like they are the most important people in your business there is no need for a magic number.

The only real ‘Magic Number’ is conversion rates, which is why it is so important to start with the people you have now.

The truth is when you learn to talk to your people like people in a way that conveys information, inspires action and so they see results amazing things are going to happen.

And maybe out of that list of 100 if you decide to sell a $500 offer or $5,000 offer you will be able to hit your goals.

Starting with the people you have now will also give you a chance to reward those early adopters for finding you.

Mistake #2: Letting the wrong people on your email list in the first place

Just because you have a piece of content that goes viral doesn’t mean you need to create a freebie for it.

There I said it.

Because what if that viral content is about something you’re not really passionate about and you just created it on a whim.

Let’s talk about the 4 biggest mistakes you could be making and how to correct those 4 biggest mistakes and stop holding yourself back. Click to Tweet

Thinking that you HAVE to create a special freebie for it is a scarcity mindset and it does not belong here.

For instance, say you have a blog that goes wild on vegan desserts but honestly you’re not a vegan. You only wrote the post, because someone in your audience asked you for some vegan swaps.

Instead of thinking now you have to create a vegan only freebie why not link to an affiliate product from another vegan baker you’re friends with.

They win, your audience wins and so does your email list. Because now you don’t have to worry about all of your emails being vegan friendly.

Mistake #3 – Having a bunch of unrelated freebies.

You need to have a plan for your email list.

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One of the worst things people do is have a bunch of unrelated freebies so there’s no cohesiveness what so ever.

Which makes it extremely hard to email your list on the regular.

Because one newsletter wouldn’t make sense if some people know you for productivity, while other subscribers think you talk about budgeting and still others think you talk about kids’ activities.
As long as your freebies are generally about the same topic – like in my case email marketing…
…you can have several different freebies.

As long as they get people to the same goal.

Mistake #4: Relying to much on scarcity, urgency, FOMO to sell your products or services

4 biggest mistakes

Let’s talk about the 4 biggest mistakes you could be making and how to correct those 4 biggest mistakes and stop holding yourself back.

I can not tell you how many people have said to me “I have tried to sell this course before and I gave a discount code and nobody bought”.

First off, a discount code just like timers aren’t a good enough reason to buy something.

Think of them like the salt on your French fries.
While the salt makes your fries taste better, you don’t want to eat a whole plate of salt. It would leave a really bad taste in your mouth. Kind of like pushing how there’s only 10 minutes left constantly.

Your email should tell your people how your paid product is going to help them transform or help them make their lives better. This is the thing you need to lean into when writing your sales email

Then at the end you add that salt with like a “Hey guys the doors are closing tonight at 11:59 PM”.

When you rely on the bells and whistles to sell it will always feel too pushy.

It also comes across as me, me, me and not here is what I can do for you, you, you.

So the 4 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make With Your Email List Are:

  • Waiting for some magic number
  • Letting the wrong people on your list in the first place
  • Having a bunch of random freebies.
  • Relying to much on scarcity, urgency, FOMO to carry the weight of why your offer is good for people

Knowing what is happening in your person’s life and how you are going to help them overcome those obstacles is all you need to avoid making these 4 biggest mistakes.


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