30 Day Action Injection Laser Coaching

Next Round Starts July 19th

It’s like having a Jewish mother who wants to you become a doctor…but instead it’s an dorky Italian- American business coach who pushes you to get results fast….

You know what’s standing between you & the 5000 email subscribers your dreaming about + the jumbo size launches you keep “hate reading” about on Facebook….

“How can that chick have a 20k week when she just started 14 days ago??!?! I’ve been trying to get my business off the ground for MONTHS and I can’t make a single sale unless it’s under fifty bucks!”

“Why does he have 3000 people in his Facebook group, and I only have 70?”

“Am I F#$king invisible?!?!?!?!”

 It’s not that your not good enough, or that, that chick from Facebook must be a total liar-face or that you don’t care enough about your people.

You’re just focusing on the wrong thing…

Which is forcing you to…. 

  • Constantly second guessing yourself. Paralyzing you from sending your pitch email or asking for the sale making your bank account weep
  • Have 17 tabs open (on a good day) but no blog posts are done, no sales are in and the months worth of social media post you swear you’d get done today so you could just focus on the “important stuff” next month – aren’t done!
  • Feel like a total failure because you should be further ahead by now, what gives?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could… 

  • Get almost instant quality feedback on your struggles, questions and “what should I do now?s  without waving your personal business stuff around in free Facebook groups that your potential clients could see!  (Never mind the sea of contradictory and flat out DAMAGING  advice anyways)
  • Get the trained eyeballs of a professional copywriter whose responsible for thousands of dollars in launch revenue to review your sales pages, emails, landing pages and social media posts so your ideal clients can’t help but pop open their wallets?
  • Bounce ideas off someone who will keep you on track and focused was you see BIG results in your business who built her two businesses while staying home with her kids and eventually retired her husband. Who lives and breathes marketing, positioning and, sales so you don’t have to. Oh and she knows tech too!




 Action Injection: 30 Day Speed Coaching 


Action Injection (AI) is a one of kind a  program designed to give you intense daily support 1:1 support without a $10,000 price tag of private coaching.

Everyday you can privately ask any questions share sticking points and just plain vent about your business when you need a boost via Facebook Messengers Voice Feature. To a person whose been there, done that and will call you out on your BS when your BRILLANT NEW IDEA is just a distraction from the real work.

What they’re saying about Action Injection Speed Coaching....

How it works exactly:

  • 30 days of accountability, personalized tips,  feedback, encouragement (and reality check if you need it) via Facebook Messenger app
  • You get direct access to me M-F 9am-5pm EST starting July 10- August 10  (I do like to pop in on the weekends + nights sometimes too)
  • Unlimited Daily Check-In Calls- leave me as many check in calls as you like, I’ll listen to everyone
  • Loom video messages – got a tech problem or need some copy reviews? I’ll send you via message a personalized video via loom screen sharing app. 

Here’s a handful of the thing my clients and I have done together over 30 days:

  • Build out an entire membership site launch
  • Landed 4 paying clients
  • Grown their Facebook Groups
  • Create profitable sales funnels + welcome series
  • Create 3 new offers and sales pages to match
  • Got out of their comfort zone and pitched in JV webinars, promoted in Facebook groups, created a daily habit for success,  sent emails to their “dead list” and told the world about their services


Just $1000 USD

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