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Ready for the most profitable Quarter 4 ever?

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If rearranging numbers in a spreadsheet and calculating your estimated cost of doing business sounds about as much fun as a getting a root canal from an orangutan, I’ve got amazing news for you.

You can have a profitable Quarter 4 without complicated funnels, huge launches or anything else that you don’t want to do.


Quarter 4 is traditionally the most profitable month when it comes to businesses

If you’re like me, you have a whole list of gifts you are holding off on buying until that magical time of year called “Black Friday”.  Why is it called Black Friday?  Because that’s traditionally the first time that big businesses are in the “black” (or making a profit) for the year.

Knowing that Quarter 4 is usually the most profitable time of the year anyway, why not go ahead and set a goal for your business to have the most profitable Quarter 4 ever?  I’ve taken what I’ve learned over the past few years and boiled it down to the 3 most important steps you can take to produce more profits than ever before in your business.

Step 1 for the Most Profitable Quarter 4 Ever:  Decide You Get to Have it

profitable quarter 4 inbox besties mindset journal

The first step to having an amazingly profitable Q4 is to decide you’re going to have one.  Make the decision today that you’re going to smash your sales records and have more profit than you ever have before in your business.

One of the most amazing things about the way our Universe works is that the past – two weeks ago, two months ago, two years ago… even yesterday has NO bearing on what can happen right now in Quarter 4.  Sure, if you’ve already got systems in place for recurring revenue, you get to reap the rewards from that but what I’m saying here is that there was once a Tuesday that you didn’t have a business – and then a Thursday when you did.

Somehow along the way, you went from not having a business to having a business.

You went from not having a blog post to have multiple blog posts and now you’re a blogger.

There was a time when you were making zero dollars in your business to earn that money now.

Your past has no influence on the money you are capable making right now in Quarter 4. 

One of my favorite mindset tricks I learned from Amanda Frances who talks about mindset and money blocks is that you can write down all the negative reactions you have when you think about having the most profitable Quarter 4 you’ve ever had.

Get it all out of your head.  Every little nagging thing that says “you can’t do this”, write it down.  All the “yea, but” things you are telling yourself, write it down.  Every negative thing, every excuse that you’re telling yourself why you can’t do it, when it comes up, get it out of your head and on paper.

  • “Yea, but I’ve never done this before.”
  • “Yea, but I would have to ignore my kids.”
  • “Yea, but I would have to have a big launch.”

Sound familiar?

Get all of that out of your head and then ask yourself, “Do I want this to be true for me?  Is this true for everyone else?”

These excuses we come up with are not even logical!  No, you don’t have to have a big launch to make a lot of money.  What if you win the lottery?  What if a dream client with an unlimited budget comes along?  You don’t have to ignore your kids or your partner or anything like that to make huge profits.  Just because you haven’t done something before doesn’t mean that you can’t do it now.

Just decide once and for all that you get to have it and that the past is not a reason to give up.  And make sure you evict all that negative talk you have in your head.  Get it OUT.  Then ask yourself if you want these things to be true for you.

If you are going into Quarter 4 with the attitude of YES, the possibilities are endless and you’re already ahead of the game.

Step 2 for the Most Profitable Quarter 4 Ever:  Get Excited

Profitable quarter four inbox besties kate doster

When you’re pumped about you business, your mission and your message, that energy is contagious.  When you attach passion to your purpose, you are going to naturally lead your people with amazing content and emails to help them achieve what they most desire!  That’s why they are following you in the first place.

So declare to your audience that they are going to have the most amazing rest of the year (because YOU are going to have an amazing rest of the year!)  Email them and let them know just how awesome Quarter 4 is going to be for them.  Let them know that you’re in their corner and even though this time of year can be a struggle, you have a plan in place to ensure that they are finally going to triumph over their adversity once and for all and you’re going to help them do it.

Because you’re excited and on a mission and have tapped into your passion, you’re going to be leading your audience with amazing content and emails without even trying.

The great thing about this is that not only does it make your business more fun, you’re going to make sales easier than you ever have before because you’re going to make your people feel amazing and positive about the results they can get from working with you.

Humans are not logical.  We like to pretend to be, but in reality, we are not logical at all.  We are emotional.  When you make people feel good, when you get them excited, when your enthusiasm is infectious, people are going to buy from you like magic.

When you genuinely care about the outcome people get from working with you and you’re excited about the results they get, your audience is going to pick up on it.


I knew they were capable of more but to watch them actually show up and hit send, like I knew they could .. and not letting their past dictate their future, it choked me up.

When you are emotional, that feeling transfers to your people and they will respond accordingly.

Step 3 for the Most Profitable Quarter 4 Ever:  Have Fun

If you thought that this is where I bring up spreadsheets and decide how many units you’re going to sell at what price and blah blah blah blah blah…  NO.

Yes, you’re probably going to want to do at least a little planning when it comes to what your business is doing over the next three months but that’s it.

I’m a firm believer in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” style of planning your business and that means that you get to actually have fun while you’re making money.

Of course, there are a few things you need to have in place when it comes to choosing your business adventure:

  1. A positive mindset
  2. A system to grow your audience
  3. A plan to nurture your audience
  4. Something to sell

That’s it.

Of course, it always starts with mindset so make sure you’ve kicked the Negative Nancy out of your head.  Be sure to take care of all that garbage floating around in your head first.

Secondly, you’re going to need a system or process or method to consistently grow your audience.  How are you connecting with new people?  At some point, you’re going to have to put in the effort to get your smiling face in front of new people.

If you’re all about social media, what are you doing to make sure people see your Facebook or Instagram posts?  Are you engaging with other people’s posts?  Using hashtags like you should?  If Facebook or Instagram isn’t your jam, you might be creating pins for Pinterest or sending out tweets on Twitter.

Some people love to expand their audience by networking in relevant Facebook groups.  If that’s you, are you participating every day?  Are you looking for ways to contribute to the community instead of just showing up when it’s the “sell my stuff” day?

Maybe social media isn’t your thing at all.  If that’s the case, you might want to focus on being featured on podcasts relevant to your niche or participating in summits or giveaways with other people who are compatible with your business but aren’t competition.

That’s the fabulous thing about running your own business.  You get to choose how you show up.

The third thing when it comes to choosing your business adventure is deciding how you’re going to engage with your audience.  How often are you going to be sending emails?  Will you be writing blogs?  Hitting publish on your podcast?  Maybe you love to do Facebook lives or decide to hold weekly or monthly office hours to give your people a taste of what it is like to work with you.

There is no “right” or “wrong” as long as you are showing up and serving with passion and purpose!

Finally comes the fun part – deciding what you’re going to sell to your people.  What would be FUN for you to sell?

If you don’t already have a product in place, take a look at an affiliate product.  You could write a whole blog series about ThriveCart, for example.  You can create pins about it, do Facebook or Intagram lives about it, create a whole YouTube series about how to use it… the possibilities are endless!

If you do have programs or products in place, consider hosting a paid live masterclass.  Once you’ve completed the live masterclass, you can even re-purpose the replay and sell it as an Easy Yes offer!

Think of fun new ways of selling products you already have.  You can bundle existing programs into something new and exciting for your audience to buy.  Another way to create a cash injection is to create an e-book or Kindle book of curated blog posts specific to one topic or struggle your people face.

Speaking of Kindle, maybe you want to think entirely outside of the box and create a series of trashy romance novels under a pseudonym!  Again, it’s your business and you get to choose your own adventure when it comes to what products or programs you sell in Quarter 4.

To sum it all up…

Take the time to make sure your mindset is right, get excited about your Quarter 4 profits and share how passionate you are about your people and then have a plan in place to get your face in front of your people with something for them to buy!

If you're ready to finish out the year with the most profitable Quarter 4 ever, tune in because I'm breaking down what it takes to smash your sales records in three easy steps #inboxbesties #profitablequarter4 #q4profits

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