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Wishing you could start a business but your 9-5 and family are zipping away all your free time?




Boy do I hear that. You see I was lucky enough to start my business while being a stay at home mom. And while that’s a very busy job – I could always let my “bosses” watch a couple extra episodes of Dora the Explorer so I could get things done.  But I’m guessing if you tried that at your 9-5pm things wouldn’t work out quite as well.  (Maybe your boss is more of Paw Patrol person?)

Which is why I so excited to get a chance to sit down with one of my super star students of Love Your List, Janet Kafadar  who specializes in helping Moms who work a 9-to-5,  start a successful side business after dark (Nothing shady).

Janet embraces the keep it simple, keep it focused on cash mentality which is perfect for moms who barely have time to shower but can’t ignore that little voice inside of them that says you’re meant for more.


Janet’s free gift

Don’t forget to grab a copy of Janet’s amazing free gift – Build Yo’ Biz On 20 Minutes A Day​ a free 12 page guide detailing  3 Cash Injection Strategies You Can Do In The Evenings To Get Clients Now Before You Watch Your Favorite NetFlix Show

Want to start a business but you're working a 9-5? In this episode of Inbox Besties you'll learn the biggest mistakes you can make when starting a side hustle while working a 9-5 with Janet Kafadar 

Biggest Takeways:

In this interview Janet reveals:

  • Why you don’t need to be the kid sold lemonade to start an online business
  • Why selling a  course could actually hurt your new business
  • The one thing every new side hustler must do in order to score those first couple clients (Hint it’s not spending money on ads)
  • The three biggest mistakes but she sees people who are looking to start businesses makeThat can keep them in an expensive hobby mode and never making any money
  • How to decide if you should start a business based on the skills of your day job or do something completely different
  • A secret market research tools that Janice uses to not only build her clients confidence but also their bank accounts at the same time

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